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Happy New Year!!

Id like to wish everyone a Happy new Year and a prosperous 2007 from me.

2006 has held some graceful moments in mine and everyone’s life to be onist, I think plenty of people have been to hell and back yet we can finally say good bye 2006 and Hello 2007. I hope everyone’s start to the new year is a fresh and good one, i sure hope mine is 🙂 2007 is going to hold fantastic things and plenty of happy moments.

Happy New Year!!


Windows Updates Downloader 2.24 Build 868

Windows Updates Downloader is a small utility that allows you to download all of the current Windows critical updates. All updates are downloaded directly from to your computer with a single mouse click.

This is a very good utility and a good alternative to Windows Update and Autopatcher (Sorry Antonis Kaladis lol) 😉 And is Very Very good if your computer isn’t legit lets just say that 😉

Windows Updates Downloader

Download Main App
Download XP x86 update file (NEEDED TO GET UPDATES)

Mr Bean’s Holiday + Quick Update

I havn’t been active lately due to Christmas and going to see the family and all that rubbish. Anyway i’m playing with the Blog CSS at the moment lol so if it all goes weird you know why and i have a new header 🙂 like it? you should :p
On a Lighter note here is something to make you happy/laugh and want to go see:

Mr Bean’s Holiday

Mr Bean’s Holiday Coming late March 2007 in Europe

Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 Released

This release has successfully archived full setup integration support (no more experimental) and add covering on x64 partial support (experimental). Plus, I added many new 3rd-party applications to make your system looks more like Vista such as Styler, Sidebar, Taskbar thumbnail preview, Start orb fix for msstyles, etc. and update many new resources for system files. It’s definitely the best release that I ever made!

I updated proper version that fixes Styler’s installation problem and corrects Vista Live Messenger skin’s credit. If you wish to install Styler for Vista toolbar, please re-download again and install the proper version.


Download: Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 (PROPER)

MD5 Hash: 0658C9A2CBD0FB48BAC3A4E46A3EFD33
If it doesn’t match with your downloaded file, it might be older version that contains bugs or it even might be infected by malwares or viruses.

Source: WindowsX Forum


The Mad Capsule Markets!!!

Ok i just spent a Heap of money on 16 albums by The Mad Capsule Markets 😀 anyone think im obsessed? i think i am lol but there so Fucking ace 🙂 it’s sad that the Broke up 😦 i hope they get back together 😀 i really want them to bring another album out 😀 My Proof is Below 😀
Proof of 16 Albums

A Week within A Week

Since i broke off college the drag of time over coursework within my lessions seems to have founds its self at home with me.
Now the thing is what ever i do seem’s to not interest me at all, i go around the web finding fun yet exciting things to do and well i can’t find anything. Tbh the web to me has declined in exciting stuff, yes there is the odd flash game, Joke and video on Youtube but who cares? you show your friend and he/she goes “nar seen/heard it before” and your like “oo urm ok”.

Anyway the time is coming, yes its Christmas in just under 2 days and like im only getting a new mobile phone and 2 T-shirts o.0 there was nothing i wanted, hopefully 2007 will have something for me :), perhaps some hardware upgrades for the computer and invest in a Xbox 360 (I don’t want a Nintendo Wii or a PS3), i am considering getting a LCD Monitor just im picky when it comes to stuff like this.

Anyway i best shurrup before i bore you all to death with my obsurde rant.

7 Dwarfs go Metallica o.0?

So yer, your wondering around the web on a boring day and what do you come across on Neowin’s Jokes and Funny Stuff? a Video saying 7 dwarfs do metallica!! now im not one to have a laugh (people say im boring) well you all can judge this 😀