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DHUD: Sign up today ;)

DHUD is the place for anything you request it we get it simple as 🙂 this is another project i and a few other people have been working on for a few months now (Explains why i havn’t been around here).

If you want anything from the web then here is the place to be 🙂 Friendly community with a 24/7 streaming music constantly with live performances during the week.

Check us out


Blog hits 100,000+

Well shit that was fast 🙂 the blog finally got 100,000 hits and i couldn’t be more happier. Again id like to thank everyone thats left coments and People that have shown me how to do all the stuff shown on the blog but most of all…..Id like to give a big thanks to the WordPress team for their hard work on the WordPress system and keeping everything ship shape, lets face it if it wasn’t for them this blog wouldn’t be here right now 😀 so a big thanks to everyone.

Best Wishes, Jonathan 😉