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Customization Tools

unknownIn todays online world more and more people are finding a way to customize there User interface. I have made a collection of tools to help ease those searches.

Universal Uxtheme patcher 2.1 – Patches your uxtheme.dll so you can use third party visual styles without a program: Download

Neowin Uxtheme patcher 5.1 – Patches your uxtheme.dll so you can use third party visual styles without a program: Download

Tango Icon Patcher [Shell Patch Edition] – Patches your system icons giving it a nice kind of linux style icons, very sleek and very stylish: Download

Rocket Dock – RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha blended application launcher: Download

Visual Tasktips – It provides thumbnail preview image for each task in the Windows Taskbar, as seen in Microsoft Windows Vista: Download

Stardock logonStudio – Change your logon screen to a swanky new one with this neat and free application: Download

I take no responsability if your computer messes up using one of these applications i have tired them and they worked for me. I only Provide support for the uxtheme patchers only.
If you know anymore applications that would help alot of people out there please leave a comment with the download link (non expiring) and the Application will be added.
Thanks Sniper101 🙂


New Image Header + Update/Catch up

Time for abit of a blog update and catch up here. First of all sorry to everyone if i havn’t been able to relpy to your comments, Iv been extremely busy and alot of things are happen in my life currently so please help each other out if you have a problem.
A Big thanks to everyone that has commented on my Vista Games for xp, VistaXP Skins by Kol you have made me very happy and have driven countless E-mails, Blog hits and alot of comments to my blog and inbox lol thank you very much indeed.

I shall be taking requests soon on skins, programs, etc you maybe after if you can’t find them that is. Abit of an update on the chess titans for XP we had it going but it wasn’t playable at all so we have scrapped the project. O and i updated my Blog image header please give thoughts on it 🙂

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