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Digged down in the archives :)

Well i thought it would be nice to post the top most wanted posts on the main page for my blog saving people alot of time running around trying to find them so here you go.

VistaXP by ~Kol

Windows Vista games for XP


Windows Vista Games for XP *Update*

HeartsSo….some people think i stole these from another site errrr wrong!!! if you are a member of JCXP or AeroXP you will know that someone called shooter posted these HA!! pissed on your bomb fire and he stated that i could upload and post them on my blog sooo…STFU idiots.

Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 are offically online everyone come get them 🙂

The Files are Seperated in to 3 Parts, each part isnt not linked so you can download part 1 and you wont need the others to extract the first part.

Part 1 Contains:
> Minesweeper fix
> Minesweeper
> Freecell
> Hearts
> Inkball
> Vista.Emulation.dll

Part 2 Contains:
> Shanghi
> Solitaire
> Spider Solitaire

Part 2 Contains:
> Purble Place

Just click on the games to play, they will automatically create “Microsoft Games” in your PROGRAM FILES, and will add a shortcut to your start menu under Vista_Games so when you want to play them again you don’t have to keep running them where you saved them. Make sure you have Vista.Emulation.DLL in the c:\windows\system32 folder other wise these will not work

To make Minesweeper work:
Extract minesweeper.bat in the directory containing minesweeper.exe
create a shortcut to desktop or something like that
right click on the shortcut
choose properties
Run: select minimize
and enjoy 🙂
just run the .bat file to play the game.

Part 1: Download
Part 1: Alternative Download 1
Part 1: Alternative Download 2
Part 2: Download
Part 2: Alternative Download 1
Part 3: Download
Part 3: Alternative Download 1

Vista Game Explorer: View/Download

*Update 2*
New Alternative Download Links added

Windows Live messenger 8.1 final

WLMWindows Live Messenger is the next-generation MSN Messenger. It has everything you already love about Messenger—your contact list, emoticons, and instant access to your friends via text, voice, and video—plus new ways to connect and share photos and documents effortlessly. As always, it’s free to download Messenger and use most of its features.

Download here

Windows Vista Home Premium came :)

Well after 4 days it finally came 🙂 just a couple of pics and some links for people in the UK to get it if there still trying to find the damn thing lol. Links are at the bottom 😉

Vista Disc1

Vista Disc

Order @ Novatech
Order @ Ebuyer
Order @ Overclockers

Pagebull the search engine with a twist

pagebulli stumbled accross a search engine the other day 🙂 quiet interesting too. Its good if your going on some dodgy sites like crack sites for Programs or just don’t want to go there because you dont know what it might have.

So this site is simple type your keyword and your results come in images. Its so simple even my brain dead mother could use it :p

Take me to Pagebull

WLM 8.1 releases on Thursday

Windows Live Messenger is to debut its release on Thursday 25th January according to Sources within Microsoft.

Microsoft is to push this release via Live Ideas, Get Live website and the Messenger Updating system.

8.1 has been in development since 8.0 was released i have been testing it and i would say its ready.

WLM 8.1 features:
. Redesigned contact cards
. Easyer to Manage Display Pictures
. Your display name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer
. Better server performance
. Improvements to automatic updates
. Improved sign-in performance (Meaning no login lag during peak server hours)

Check here on Thursday i will also post the main link in the blog also
Get Windows Live Website

Keepings Old Post’s Alive

Well Iv been doing some thinking and iv noticed an huge impact on my Windows Vista Games for XP Post so to keep it alive 🙂 im Bringing it back.

Windows Vista Games for XP

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