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Blog/life update for July

Well i think it’s time i said a few words 🙂

First i would like to thank you all for making what is this blog to be a big hit 🙂 it finally hit 72,474 hits which is a freaking huge number to go by for a blog on, i would like to thank shooter468 because if it wasn’t for him the Vista games for XP wouldn’t have been here 🙂 and the guys over at winmatrix for showing me how to patch non Vista ultimate Os’s to use Dreamscene :).

Next we move on to other issues, i currently have no time spare to post anything else on here 😦 i will help out the people that are having trouble with things on the blog but nothing more.

Next life, im going through a rough patch at the moment so i tend to be abit cranky at times so please beware. Iv just been stressed, tired and all the other things that are just dragging me down 😦

So anyway..Please keep it up 🙂 lets try and get 100.000 Hits 😀


Family Guy & South Park Episodes

Want to Watch Every Episode of Family Guy or South Park?

Well then Go here ;):

South Park
Family Guy