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Dutch WGA Tool says what? is reporting that the Dutch version of Microsoft’s WGA Tool is saying “Show me some advantages of using illegal software when I click finish” 😛 now thats funny lol

If you know dutch then you can tell me if its true because i’m not that good at it 🙂


Happy Valentines Day…..

Well Valentines Day is upon us and we all know half the world thinks it’s a waste of time and o how boring it is to spend so much money and just sit there complaining they havn’t got anyone well get off your asses and get out there and find someone there not going to come through your door lol.
Anyway today is personal time for me 🙂 spend some quality time with my girlfriend and take her out for a romantic meal.

Now from my life and into the tech world, the BBC yet again complained about something on there show Watchdog and this time its about the Xbox 360. I watched the show last night and i was utterly dissgusted with what they said they litterally made out that the 360 was a pile of shit and was a complete waste of time (biased fucking twats they are) well anyway Microsoft strook back in saying they are a few faults and been taken care of case by case but the vast majority of there consumers are very happy with the console. Thanks to and for the news.

In Customization news if you have Windows Vista Ultimate Edition head over to for dreamscene backgrounds apparently microsoft have silently released them soo if there to crappy don’t complain just wait lol.

Now on to my blog i fancy a new a new theme + header so i’m going to do something there. And im going to post some fancy XP Ported things in a couple of weeks.

Valentines day on wednesday….

love heartsAs everyone knows its valentines day soon and as i was wondering around the web i found these created by wstaylor of WinCustomize. There a great set of Wallpapers to get you in the mood for valentines day 😉

This wallpaper is inspired by the new Hearts background for Vista. 4 different resolutions (1920 – widescreen, 1600, 1280 and 1024)

wstaylor’s profile

First look at Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK Alpha Release

The Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK provides a managed API for Windows Live sign-in authentication. Included in the release is a sample application with its source code, so that you can build your own client applications.

To put it simple if you create an application and would like to use the Windows Live ID Services this is Application for you. Screenshots are below 😉