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DHUD: Sign up today ;)

DHUD is the place for anything you request it we get it simple as 🙂 this is another project i and a few other people have been working on for a few months now (Explains why i havn’t been around here).

If you want anything from the web then here is the place to be 🙂 Friendly community with a 24/7 streaming music constantly with live performances during the week.

Check us out


Blog hits 100,000+

Well shit that was fast 🙂 the blog finally got 100,000 hits and i couldn’t be more happier. Again id like to thank everyone thats left coments and People that have shown me how to do all the stuff shown on the blog but most of all…..Id like to give a big thanks to the WordPress team for their hard work on the WordPress system and keeping everything ship shape, lets face it if it wasn’t for them this blog wouldn’t be here right now 😀 so a big thanks to everyone.

Best Wishes, Jonathan 😉

Summer Sessions Live Every Wednesday!!!

I will be playing some of the most uplifting summer trance tunes ever with some of the worlds best DJ’s such as: Marcel Woods, Airbase, Paul Oakenfold and Many More.

So Join me Live from: 3pm (GMT), 10am (EST), 8am (PDT)

Radio links:

Real Player:

Windows Media Player:


Live Stream in Browser Window:

Blog/life update for July

Well i think it’s time i said a few words 🙂

First i would like to thank you all for making what is this blog to be a big hit 🙂 it finally hit 72,474 hits which is a freaking huge number to go by for a blog on, i would like to thank shooter468 because if it wasn’t for him the Vista games for XP wouldn’t have been here 🙂 and the guys over at winmatrix for showing me how to patch non Vista ultimate Os’s to use Dreamscene :).

Next we move on to other issues, i currently have no time spare to post anything else on here 😦 i will help out the people that are having trouble with things on the blog but nothing more.

Next life, im going through a rough patch at the moment so i tend to be abit cranky at times so please beware. Iv just been stressed, tired and all the other things that are just dragging me down 😦

So anyway..Please keep it up 🙂 lets try and get 100.000 Hits 😀

Vista Wireless and Ethernet connection drop out fix

Ok so you have vista and you install all the updates but one thing you will notice is that there is a new driver out for your network adapter, you go to install this new update and suddenly everything has gone mental and you keep dropping out constantly.

 Your problem is the new driver you need to revert back to the original driver and disable the Updated driver within windows update so vista doesn’t install this again.

You say to yourself “no it isnt” trust me it is, i spent days figuring this out and i thought to myself i will just revert my network driver back and see if that does anything and it did.

Go to Device Manager, the under network adapters right click the adapter and go to properties. Next click the driver tab and click roll back Driver, once done restart and you should now notice that it doesn’t drop out anymore i have tested this and it works 100%.

If the Roll Back Driver box is grayed out you will need to open system restore and roll back your system to the time you installed the driver but i seriously recommend that you back up anything that was installed after you updated the driver other wise your going to have problems running applications :p

Not online for a while

It seems my computer has decided not to live anymore so until i fix it i wont be online for abit hopefully i will be online for the weekend but for now i will be plainly working on getting myself back online 🙂


Its about time i had a much needed holiday so for the next week or so im not going to be active anywere on the web, if you have any problems with anything please post them once id rather not have a flood of Emails to my Inbox.

I do have someone checking the Blog but you wont notice him so wish me luck

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