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Free Proxy and System Utilites

Ever wanted a proxy to get by you’re school/college/work security but could never find a good one?

Well is the place to be

The site holds 4 proxy servers and some system utilities to help manage you’re computer. has been specially designed for bypassing college/school security using the word “keyskills” within the name you know it wont be blocked 😉

So for a proxy site that is really reliable head on over to


Hamad Darwish on Vista Wallpapers

Hamad Darwish is the creator of the landscape wallpapers within Windows Vista. He has released all the wallpapers that he had done from Start to Finish of Vista. And all the ones that did not make it in the cut for RTM (Released to manufacturing) aka final release.


Views them all here: Hamad Darwish | World of Photography

You can download the High Resolution Windows Vista Desktop Wallpaper Pack
( 1920×1200 ) by clicking the one of the following links:

Download (30.9MB) – Mirror #1 by

Download (30.9MB) – Mirror #2 by

Download (30.9MB) – Mirror #3 by

Digged down in the archives :)

Well i thought it would be nice to post the top most wanted posts on the main page for my blog saving people alot of time running around trying to find them so here you go.

VistaXP by ~Kol

Windows Vista games for XP

New Trick to get

1. Choose “Get Started” then type in a domain of your choice eg “”, and press “Continue”
2. Choose “Create a new Windows Live ID in your domain” then press “Continue”
3. In Firefox (Or what Ever Browser you use), go to “View – Page Style – No style”
4. Now select the domain from the drop down menu
Important: To be able to receive emails to this account, you must login to with your new email address to activate it