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Family Guy & South Park Episodes

Want to Watch Every Episode of Family Guy or South Park?

Well then Go here ;):

South Park
Family Guy


Dutch WGA Tool says what? is reporting that the Dutch version of Microsoft’s WGA Tool is saying “Show me some advantages of using illegal software when I click finish” šŸ˜› now thats funny lol

If you know dutch then you can tell me if its true because i’m not that good at it šŸ™‚

The Pirates of sealand!!

Pirates International news here lol, it seem’s The Pirate Bay (Yes the one that the FBi shut down then re opened it and its one of the worlds largest Torrent sites and counts to alot of internet traffic) Well anyway The Pirate bay wants to have its own Island….well smaller then an island think man made think big hard steal in the ocean, off the United Kingdom. Yep Sealand urm i don’t see any interest in this thing Like look here: Sealand Pic

Now that thing puts me off anyway want more info go here can’t be bothered to type anymore!!
Buy Sealand
The Pirate Bay

Mr Bean’s Holiday + Quick Update

I havn’t been active lately due to Christmas and going to see the family and all that rubbish. Anyway i’m playing with the Blog CSS at the moment lol so if it all goes weird you know why and i have a new header šŸ™‚ like it? you should :p
On a Lighter note here is something to make you happy/laugh and want to go see:

Mr Bean’s Holiday

Mr Bean’s Holiday Coming late March 2007 in Europe

7 Dwarfs go Metallica o.0?

So yer, your wondering around the web on a boring day and what do you come across on Neowin’s Jokes and Funny Stuff? a Video saying 7 dwarfs do metallica!! now im not one to have a laugh (people say im boring) well you all can judge this šŸ˜€

Santa Get’s hard hat in Scotland,UK!!

Santa Claus was forced to swap his traditional red and white hat for protective headgear after children pelted him with mince pies in Scotland.Santa was hit on the head by pastries thrown from a balcony as he handed out gold chocolate coins at a shopping center in the town of Paisley, near Glasgow, at the weekend.”Health and safety is paramount,” center manager Andrew MacKinnon said on Wednesday. “We issued him with a yellow hardhat equipped with a pair of reindeer antlers to make it look more festive.”

He said a gang of local “neds,” or yobs, threw the pies before running off. Last year, the center’s Father Christmas was set upon by youths calling a him a “fraud and a fake.”


SeriouslyĀ thisĀ isĀ whatĀ weĀ haveĀ inĀ theĀ UKĀ fromĀ theĀ traditionalĀ GunĀ CrimeĀ Scene.

IdioticĀ childrenĀ causingĀ troubleĀ andĀ shoutingĀ abuseĀ atĀ peopleĀ this is the UK for you.

Say this tongue twister, or else…

Ā Please you have to watch this =D its sooo funny, you don’t get that kind of show in the Uk and the US i can tell you that lol

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