Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 Released

This release has successfully archived full setup integration support (no more experimental) and add covering on x64 partial support (experimental). Plus, I added many new 3rd-party applications to make your system looks more like Vista such as Styler, Sidebar, Taskbar thumbnail preview, Start orb fix for msstyles, etc. and update many new resources for system files. It’s definitely the best release that I ever made!

I updated proper version that fixes Styler’s installation problem and corrects Vista Live Messenger skin’s credit. If you wish to install Styler for Vista toolbar, please re-download again and install the proper version.


Download: Vista Transformation Pack 6.0 (PROPER)

MD5 Hash: 0658C9A2CBD0FB48BAC3A4E46A3EFD33
If it doesn’t match with your downloaded file, it might be older version that contains bugs or it even might be infected by malwares or viruses.

Source: WindowsX Forum



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