CES 2007 News Update1

Well CES 2007 Started with a bang with the keynote. Anyway, down on the floor of CES its becoming more known now that Tech toys now are just a milestone, the plasma TV’s the Brand new Computers, the thrill of it all.

Anyway Microsoft Announced the some cool new features ones we knew of but..wasn’t quiet sure what it there where. Starting off they announced Windows DreamScene Codename: Motion Desktop, this is one feature id love to see ported over to Windows XP but goes really well with windows vista.
According to Neowin’s CES 2007 Blog the company behind the DreamScene Extra is Stardock They say that Microsoft asked Stardock to consult on the development, provide wallpaper content, and create tools and extensions for it.

One tool called DeskScapes which extends DreamScene to support dynamic content (i.e. live 3D content). This free program should be available by the time Windows Vista Ultimate becomes generally available.

Sharp announces the 108inch LCD TV, like WOAH a whole 108inch that going to take some room up in a normal living room.
HP Announces the HP Pavillion TouchScreen PC, this is one monster of a computer. Id say this would be great for someone with disability.

Anyway got to go :p more CES News later.


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