CES 2007 News Update Final

At CES this week Microsoft reveiled its Windows Home Server, a Windows Server 2003 R2-based server for consumers that lets just say love digital media. I my self have alot of digital media and it is constantly growing, this is more for the person that loves music production. I and many others know the Personal Computer can get a little over crowded. Trust me i have to now and again delete something due to my Hard Drive is full on Music.

Windows Home Server Teaser Site {High Connection Recommended}
Anyway Bink.nu have posted something very interesting…either microsoft are getting giddy or they just want to spoil people lol there new website http://showusyourwow.msn.com/ is aimed at Digital Photography and Windows Vista. Its in flash soo broadband would be a good idea lol, the site is really neatly layed out. Just curious to why they did set it up hmm..we will find out eventually.

Anyway New Mobile Phones are streaming in to CES Nokia have a new line up, samsung have a new phone i dont quiet like the look but it supposed to be a Operating system phone. Could use Windows Mobile 6 who knows they wouldn’t show it off with it running.

Anyway time to stop blogging about CES and get back to College and blog about some more interesting stuff šŸ™‚


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